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I'm Antonia Kihara. Founder and CEO of Wenye Heri. Wenye Heri is a collaborative innovation space where i create and design all sorts of things. for myself and others. Its an evolution from Enye Heri, a brand strategy agency that ran for 15 years working with corporates, sme's and government to design new products, services as. well as national and Pan African programs. I started my career, self taught, at 24 with a company called Out of the Box, with 2 partners, i think we really were out of the box for Nairobi at the time and were one of the first small creative agencies. In 2008 I launched Enye Heri on my own to focus on my talent of creating things that are new. We had a track record of trippling incomes with our ideas, we worked until we burnt out. Wenye Heri is an evolution of that, moving more into collaborative partnerships with clients rather than service.

At Enye Heri, i worked directly and only with Entrepreneurs who worked and held shares in the business. I did this because i realised that what i really loved doing was working with individuals, helping them achieve their dreams. My typical worklife looks like my client and I sitting in a coffee garden all afternoon ideating and then me in my Den scribbling on copious amounts of paper until 3am when it all finally lands with a clear path and idea . Our slogan at Enye Heri, was "Bringing meaning to life through powerful brands". It's more than creating identities and marketing schemes but aligning Entrepreneurs and their teams to powerful visions that everyone can obsess about forever. Money flows where energy goes. 


I have never really been able to describe what i do, and its getting more complicated with age. Some people call it brand, some people call it strategy, some people call it innovation, i guess its all little bit everything. Because i am self taught, i am able to think completely out of the box and see things from a completely different point of view. For me, its not a courageous act to think out of the box, its where i live, and most of the time i am not even. aware that i have broken all the rules, and that's the beauty, thats where innovation happens, in the realms outside our ordinary imagination and supposed limits. 

My purpose now is to create products and services around food and housing with emphasis on economic impact for small traders. And i'm 100% a climate change activist, you will see it come through, i can't help myself. I'm part hustler, sometimes consultant. I have been trying to get out of consulting, and i keep saying i no longer do it, until a passionate entrepreneur knocks on my door, and i'm back again. If you are looking for something new, want to unlock some new potential in your industry or business, need help thinking through your strategy, send me an email, i'm always up for a new creative challenge.

In the meantime this site is a blog/diary of my days and the things i'm working on. This is where is share my journeys, thoughts and rants, i hope you find it inspiring.


Thank you for being here:)

P.S. " Don't be satisfied with Stories that come before you, unfold your own myth! "





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